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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

sometimes a girl need a time

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

Doesn't he look gorgeous with the blue eyes? Oh..I would do anything to watch him. I'm sorry Mr.Fiance, tonight I might not be able to entertain you since I got a date with him. Tadi aku call 2 kali tak berangkat, sms tak berbalas. Babai la jawabnye...

Tadi beliau call, jawab je la. Huhu...tak sanggup aku biarkan. Gile ape!

Petang tadi aku tengok bebudak main bola. Seronoknya tengok bebudak ni main bola. Lepas tu diorang gelak-gelak. Seronok okeh. Tak semena-mena, aku pun dok gelak sekali. Ye la, kalau tengok bola kat tv tu, muka stress manjang. Aku yang tengok pun jadik stress.

Tapi dengan bebudak nih, diorang enjoy. Ade je sekor dua dok melepak tetengah orang larik-larik kejar bola tuh. Lepas tu join balik kejar bola. Entah la bebudak ni...sape la mak bapak diorang.

Minggu depan aku nak bawak raket dengan shuttlecock...aku nak main badminton time PJK!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm a busy bee

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

Haa...busy la sangat. Actually I haven't pay my broadband bill yet, so they block my account and that, I can't use my internet. Right now I'm using my workplace wireless. Hey, I still can live without my bband rite?

New update...is that I think I wanna get married as soon we could. Since waiting is too tiresome for me, I don't want to wait until next year. My friends (ya, memang ramai pun) going to have their marriage this November...since I really want to go to their wedding, I want to have it in December insyaAllah.

I've been looking hi and lo for the best way to save my budget. Like d.i.y. my own decoration for pelamin, flowers and curtains. The best thing is to sew it yourself rather than buy a ready made curtain. I already have a few options for the pelamin, bedroom deco, makan berdamai table, make up for two session (solemnization and nikah) and five outfit for photography session, for all this items at the price of RM 2500-3000.

My housemate been giving me a list of 'things-need-to-be-settle-down' before the big day and I've been filling in budget to my heart content, and shockingly all of it costs almost 10K!!!


Nevermind, there's few months to go. Jia yu!