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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tips : How to ask your husband to buy an air-conditioner

Posted by kaki ayam a.k.a. ceker at 10/31/2013 04:15:00 PM 0 comments Links to this post
Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

As the title goes, it was quite hot right now almost felt like summer at Muar. By 9 you can feel the heat of the sun when you went out. Since I was introducing the green to my baby, 9 am is not a good choice to take him out. So I went out by 7.30-8 am every morning for his 'nature class'.

Whenever we went to store or clinic, I noticed that Raid felt asleep as soon as he went into the car. He was fast asleep in the car compared to our house. So I think, it must be the cool air from the air conditioner that make him feel sleepy and comfy...plus when someone hug him.

So, I was asking my husband to install an air conditioner in our house. But then he went on, saying that when we're back to Muar, and there's no cooling machine there, then it would be hard for Raid to adapt the situation.

Well, boy boy. I was thinking that my superman was giving excuses rather than make it true! So I do think I need a special plan in order for him to make my dream come true *sigh*

1. Praise him.

a.k.a. kipas bontot dia! Yes, I think this might help as men do love women praised them, right? From now on, I will always praised him. Even he's not in front of my eyes. Through messages might help. I will tell him how handsome he is, how smart and cool he is and how nice the shirt he's wearing. Tho he didn't have a decent one.

2. Your tummy is in my hand.

Then, I will work hard on making his favorite food. He loved creampuff but I don't have luck with this dish. It always turn out to be leftovers that later will go to my mum's Kampong chicken (even the chicken won't eat it they prefer to eat stale rice than my creampuff *pffft*). Last week I bake Oreo cheesecake, he do like it but...he didn't eat that much. So for this week, I will bake marble cheese brownies. Yeayyy!!! Mind myself that he love anything relate to chocolate.

3. I'm the angel that you wait for.

Ahahahahaha yes. I will make jokes, saying good things in front of him, served him and be the best bibik ever. So that he felt like he was marrying the right woman, and he will granted all his true love wishes.

4. All the thing she said running through my head...running through my head, all the thing she said.

Definitely I will ask him again to buy an A/C for our house. And together with that I will lists all the strong point on why we need that. Apart from making sure that Raid sleep well, we also need it because we (me and me amor) sleep well there. And I will make sure that the A/C is energy saver so that we don't have to pay double for our electricity bill. I will calculate the costs so that the maximum amount would not be more than 100MYR. I will keep telling and remind him until he get bored and...walla, an air conditioner for our house.

5. One more night.

The worst ever. I never used this trick to get anything I want. Worse come to worst, might be helpful.

This plan officially will start from tonight. Yes. And let see the result in 4 weeks time. Wish me luck!