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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Beijing : Summer's here

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

Alhamdulillah..sudah selamat pulang dari Beijing dengan hati yang girang dan sedih kerana duitku banyak terbang. Once in a blue moon punya pasal. I went there without him since he's on a course for his job, and there goes our so called honeymoon.

This is Kak Nora's daughter, she was crying a river seeing her mother went there. We took our flight from Changi Airport and when I was on my seat, the seat next to me was empty. Then, tears roll down to my cheek. Sedih hokeh.

Having kaya toast, coffee and poached egg while waiting for our flight. I was totally hungry all the time.

This is our tour guide, Tomy Wang. He fluently speaks Indonesian Malay and was very nice telling us about his hometown, Beijing. We reached there at 2.30 am in the morning. It was chilly outside and he told us that the weather was around -2 degrees!

Yup, safety first. Everything was charged in the hotel room. This included the tea bags (6 yuan for each), toiletries (3 yuan), nail clipper (15 yuan) and different types of condoms. I only take the picture of condoms tho. There were different types of it.

*Summer Palace

The place is huge and beautiful. I wonder if all the flowers were blooming by that time, it must be a perfect place to spent together with our loved ones.

This lions sculptor was hand-carved and still looks good after hundred years. There were 500 stone lions in different poses were carved on the posts of the bridge's railings.

Some of the locals having their instant noodle. Maybe because of the weather itself makes them looking for something hot and soupy. Hmm...by that time, I wish that the food was Halal.

* Tea House @ Dr. Tea

The woman explaining about Oolong Tea. I get to try different types of tea and my favorite is the fruit tea. They're making their tea without sugar and I love it. But teh susu always in my heart.

* The Food

Makan time. Nyum nyum! My favorite part after all. Their style of cooking was a bit...plain. Less salt should I say. Oily. But, their street food was delicious! Even I couldn't have mangga muda there, but..

The strawberries are ripe, big size, sweet and juicy. And it's cheap. Half a kilos for only 15 yuan. That equals around RM 7.50. I'm no joke about the size, it was big compared to our Cameron's. The yellow fruit, named Golden Kumkuat was sweet and sour. Usually in Malaysia we can found it preserved and dried.

* Jingshan School

Next, Pengantarabangsaan Sekolah. This is one of the best school in Beijing. It combines secondary and tertiary education. Their school was totally different from ours. They select their students and make sure that only the best will worth it. They have their showroom, the garden with a wooden foot path and the classroom were provided with air-conditioner and heater. This school will start their session at 7.30 a.m. in the morning and end at 3 p.m. in the afternoon. Everyday, they will have Pendidikan Jasmani and Kesihatan lesson for the first period and for each day, there's only 4 to 5 lesson for the whole day. The recess will start by 12.10 p.m and end at 2 p.m.

The total number of students for this school is about 3000 students with 300 teachers. They also have their P.R. which is not the clerk, of course. Their P.R. officer will entertain the guests and explain about their school system.

* Bird Nest Stadium

Such a long walk to get here. Huhu. I didn't went close enough because my baby start kicking me from inside. So I stop halfway there and took some picture. Tomy said that buildings in Beijing always related to bird. There's bird nest, bird claws and bird egg building.

* Jade Center

This is another government control store where tourist are obliged to go. They sell many products related to jade such as bracelets, rings, pendants and earrings. I buy jade pillow for my parents because they say it can improve blood circulation while you're sleeping. I got it at 170 yuan for both, while some members of our group get it for 200 yuan. Hehe...good bargain comes with good price.

* The Great Wall

I didn't climb. Just wandering around and try to bargain few fridge magnet. They sell it for 10 yuan for each piece, I was trying to get 10 yuan for 2 pieces and they say 'No, Bye bye!'. Kurang asam.

China is a country governed by Communist. They can only have one kid for each family. If they want to have a dog, they need to get license and paid 2000 yuan (RM 1000) each year for their dog. If they want to buy a car, they have to apply for it and wait. Once they got their plate number, they will buy their car. And you can't drive your car everyday. For example,on Monday you can't drive the car with the last two plate number is 0 and 5. If you do, the police will fine you with the amount of 500 yuan (RM 250).

Plus, parking charges is 15 yuan (RM 7.50) per hour. The petrol there will cause you almost 8 yuan (RM 4) per liter. And you can't have a motorcycle. Others, you can buy a motor-bicycle or they called it basikal listrik as being told by our tour guide. So, for Pizza Hut, there's no 30 minutes delivery. If you order it by phone, you need to wait as the maximum speed of the bicycle is around 3km/hour I think.

There were a lot of cameras on the street and on the traffic light. If our people were being so sensitive to the one and only AES camera on the highway, imagine they have it along the road. Maybe it's not to improve their driving quality (you can make a u-turn anywhere), but it will make sure that the traffic move smoothly without overflowing cars on the road. The government also encourage their people to use public transportation such as subway, taxi, tram and bus.

It's hard to find overweight there as their golden age person was active. Even youngsters were so lively in the morning. They walked in the park, relaxing and even walked their dog at night. Maybe because they're taking less sugar than us here, and there's no condensed milk there, so the people were living healthy, except for their alcohol. I think there's a lot of positive thing that we can implied here. For a start, less meat, more veggies.

We also went to Forbidden City, Tian An Men Square, Herb Center, Traditional Foot Massage and Beijing Zoo to look at the panda. But I didn't really taking picture on that since I was getting tired by day and start counting days to go back to Malaysia.

But it was a start for me. I just love holidays.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Why him?

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

I've been asked by one of my 'client' about my husband one day. He was surprised when I told him that I'm married. Because of the feeling of unsatisfied I'm not invite him to our wedding, he throw out a few questions that I think was kinda funny, but really matured to his age. And when I think back of the Q's, I found out that I was actually answering the answer to myself, and few of my friends that been asking the same Q's over and over.

q1 : Why do you choose him? I thought that he will left you when he's on the boat?

Answer : I don't know why him. Don't think I have the anser for that.

q2 : Don't you feel worried when he's away? Don't you feel afraid that he will do something else?

Answer : I do. But it's life, I think. So we just have to keep pray for that thing will not happen.

q3 : Is he handsome?

Answer : No.

q4 : Why do you choose him then?

Answer : I felt secure. Maybe if I'm married to someone handsome, then somebody might steal my husband. But it's in God's hand, He's the one being fair and square I think. If the man is handsome, the wife might not be a Miss World. If the girl is beautiful, maybe the husband is just someone that's totally out of her league.

q5 : Then the handsome guy can shoot themselves for not marrying beautiful girls?

Answer : Hey, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

And the look on his face was a total upset. Maybe because of my answer. But he's too young to understand these thing. So I told him, when the time come, then he'll know. And he will learn about it :)