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Friday, February 8, 2013

A time of my life

Posted by kaki ayam a.k.a. ceker at 2/08/2013 09:49:00 PM
Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

Holidays came again. Yeay! I was getting quite excited since I'm gonna stay with my hubby. It's hard having a distance relationship like us, so when there's a time to be together, we'll never miss that chance.

Since I was confirmed of my pregnancy, I wasn't really sure of what I can and can't take during meal. For example, pineapple. I was being told that I can't eat even a smallest cube of pineapple. But when I get back to Mak's home, Mak told me that I can eat the cook one. So without a doubt, I asked Mak to cook 'gulai lemak udang dengan nenas' which is superb! I was eating the whole pineapple and I just love the taste of sour and a little bit sweet in the gravy. Alhamdulillah, nothing happen because later, I was informed by my colleague that her friends, who was pregnant about 2 months miscarriage when she was sipping a small amount of that gravy.

My Mak said that, if we believe in ourselves that we can take it without any doubt, just have it. If we're feeling a bit unsteady, not confirmed, it's better if we just leave it.

Still, I don't like to eat chicken tho. I don't know why, maybe because the taste of the chicken itself. I find that the chicken meat is kinda rough to my taste. However, I still consumed a large (so many) portion of lamb and it's ok to my taste.

I haven't take rice for a few days and last Monday when I went for a medical check up at a government clinic, it shows that in two weeks time I've lost a kilo! I think it's mainly because I just don't like to eat rice suddenly. Then, one night Kak Rahida cook some salted carrot with chillies and onion, I ate two plates of rice. And I love the dishes.

Then, today I'm just having a small portion of rice with salted duck egg and bok choy. It was delicious! The simplest meal work best for me.

I'm start having a toothache, which showing the the baby are growing up and taking more calcium from me. So, I decided to work on more calcium by drinking milk. Of course it has to be chocolate, or else it might take years for me to drink it (I buy two boxes of HL milk and it goes to the stray cats at my house).

I think by having this little body inside my womb really change my life. It suddenly felt that I don't want to spend too much money on food (which I did..ALWAYS), clothes, food, books and food again. I start to think wisely...or so I think I am getting wiser than before. And I start to understand why my mother loved us, her daughters, so much. That she protected us, scold us just to make sure that life is valuable for us.