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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Posted by kaki ayam a.k.a. ceker at 9/18/2011 05:21:00 AM
Johor-Perak-Penang-Johor less than 24 hours

Here's the challenge, I need to collect a letter for my convocation from USM, from 10am Wan terpacak in front of my house and we're headed straight to Selangor. Since he need to get back to Lumut, I'm taking the bus from there and went to Pulau Pinang, meet my friends there and then going back to Johor the same night and then, 8am I pulak terpacak in front of Bentayan Bus Station, Muar. It is indeed, a very tiring job and yet I've done it without failed. Yahooo!!

On the way from Penang to Muar, Cik Haida Hj. Hashim yang comel helped me bought Mc D for me and on the way, i'm eating quarter pounder and watch Pirate's of the Caribbean 2. Rasa cambest sebab bas bergerak and kau tengok movie sambil makan dalam aircond sejuk waktu malam...nikmat. Bila lagi la nak merasa macam ni?

My Raya only starts this week

Yup! Working seems to be the main reason why pagi-pagi raya I'll stay in my house waiting guest and SLEEPING while my family went all over to our couins house.

That night when I was working with Quraishah, she brought Rendang Kerang. This is my second time eating this dish. Trust me, it is sooo delicious! She also brought some ketupat, chicken rendang and masak lemak lodeh.

Finish oledi...haha mesti la aku yang melicinkan mangkuk tingkat berisi rendang kerang tersebut! Thanks Quraishah, it is so sedap and I would like to have it next raya ^-^

Lepas habiskan makanan kekdahnya, melantak pulak aiskrim. Almaklumlah, she's going to continue her study and that would be the last day we're together, so we're having ice-cream and I forced her to buy Milo! Haha though she prefer Solero...ko kene jugak makan eskem Milo!

Haaa....lepas makan, cuba teka siapa yang ala-ala voya tembaga gitew...hahah. Of course we're tired,but Quraishah tewas dulu. She is sooo sleepy. Haha

Then, of course I've been dating with si dia. We went on the road, sesat-sesat and everything, but the most important thing is we able to catch-up things that happen during Ramadhan.

Thanks to these wonderful shoes, keep me company all the way on my journey. This raya is quite special since Amirul Abdul Karim and Norhaida Haji Hashim, friends way back then from Penang visits me. I've never imagined they would come here but they do!

Second day Raya my aunt from Negori still here, so 7.30 am i went to her house (sebelah jer pon) and asked her 'cik, ada lagi tak rendang?' Muka tak malu.

 This Rendang Pedas my aunt brought from Negeri Sembilan is super duper delicious. It is black and super spicy but it taste great to eat with Lemang (lemang pun beliau jugak yang sponsor). Oh, my raya is blessed with wonderful food Alhamdulillah...

Sambal Sotong. Wallaa...after having ketupat, rendang, lemang, serunding, I'm happy to meet my old enemy, squid! Memang habis aku kerjakan. How-evah, Raya doesn't seem like a real 'Raya' to me since i'm working. The next time (insyaAllah), my Raya should be better (Amin....)

Raya is wonderful, but Ramadhan is much better. Sebab tanpa Ramadhan tiadalah Syawal. Apalah maknanya Syawal tanpa Ramadhan. Entah sempat entahkan tidak untuk menyambut Ramadhan tahun depan...