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Friday, December 23, 2011

another month to go

Posted by kaki ayam a.k.a. ceker at 12/23/2011 10:32:00 AM
Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

'Officially booked version'

One month and I'm away from my single status. Let's hope so. I'm not preparing too much since it's still a month to come, but still, preparations need to done such as booking for cake, looking for the menus, decorations for the dulang and such.

I haven't buy anything yet. I'm waiting for the next month to buy kain pelekat, sajjadah  and bath towel. Bath towel? Haha it's my mums idea. Lepas tu aku tengok harga tuala mandi saja cecah dekat seratus hegget! Said that normally people 'during her era' gave things like that. I insist on buying camera or iPhone, but then my friends told me that if I gave such thing during engagement, then what would I gave during my wedding day?

The Dulang consists of those things and pineapple tart. I love pineapple tart and I want Wan to share the delight of my favourite too. Mum asked to give 2 boxes, then I asked Wan for his favourite Hari Raya biscuits (he said he eat any biscuits!). Specifially he like Almond London. So, there you go. Pineapple Tart and Almond London for the first dulang.

Some things that I urged to make my own is the dulang.

Strawberry and apple's in chocolate. I hope we have enough time to look for strawberry in Muar. Giant don't have this, maybe I should go as far as Batu Pahat or Melaka if possible. I haven't look at Fresco yet, hopefully there is. Wan gonna hate this (he doesn't like the idea of me getting hard finding things that aren't easy to get).

Traditionally mum wants me to have a bakul rotan where the fresh fruit would be there (apple, orange, mango, bananas) but I rather go for something modern. The fruit might be dried out, and too traditional la, orang lama. So, the main plan is to get strawberry and apple, but exceptional would be grape and cake ball.

Cupcakes in purple. When we discuss about the theme color before, I go for grey, a satin silk grey which I mention earlier, while Wan asked why not purple? So yes, purple it is. I think it looks great with cupcakes. I'll make buttercream on top. I love buttercream more than royal icing. Or maybe I'll buy instant fondant dough to make the purple flower to put on top.

Kek lapis asam manis. Best in the world! (sepatah kata Razif Hashim). For this, I want to call my auntie (she's got her own kek lapis trademark at Kluang). But mum got the idea to bake the cake. I don't know bout this since making this traditional layer cake takes about 4 hours. I don't have the time. If I bake it this week, it will end in my stomach for sure. Booking will costs around RM65.

Homemade chocolate. Mum doesn't give her comment while I mention this, luckily. I just learn how to make homemade chocolate from my cousin's wedding. She put some strawberry essence, nuts and raisins in their chocolate. I was thinking of 2 different versions of homemade chocolate. One just like the picture, another one would be Oreo cookies covered in chocolate. Right now it's the container that I'm looking for.

Homemade chocolate truffles. Either this one or the chocolate up there. I've been collecting many videos on how to make chocolate truffle which is quite easy. Then it is quite pricey but still looks and taste good. If I manage to make this, I would surely put only 6 to 10 pieces only on a box.

For the hantaran which consist 10% from the exact 'price', Wan wants me to decorate coins to become a flower! Well, he said he almost got RM60 in his tabung beruang madu, there's more to collect if he indeed want this, he really need to give me the coins earlier so that I would have enough time to make the coins flower.

Once I told Mummy Jazlin that we're not doing according to plan, instead we replaced it with an engagement kenduri (haven't told her this), my mum kinda...stay silently. I don't know, maybe she's quite upset with me since I broke her down. I didn't mean to. Everything happen out of my expectation. Hopefully she'll recover soon.

Pic credited to Google.


Miss Marea on December 23, 2011 at 11:32 AM said...

jasin ade strawberry ahahahaha...

kacap terlabik said...

haha nti g jasin mgu ni kite carik..kalau takde siap kak ya. i celup u dalam coklat hakhak