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Friday, June 7, 2013

Berakhir sudah cuti sekolah

Posted by kaki ayam a.k.a. ceker at 6/07/2013 05:41:00 PM
Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

Walaupun masih berbaki dua hari lagi, tapi cuti sekolah is officially end when hubby went back to Lumut this morning. I bet now he's on his way to Perak. I was so excited when he's here that I'm eager to cook as much as he can eat. However, not everything turn out so well. My creampuff doesn't turn out very well, it wasn't puffy as I did it before. The custard filling is too light, its not thick and creamy tho I stir it long enough. I didn't have enough time to make him Soto Jawa, my fav food of all. My cucur udang was hard, it's not soft and crunchy like before.

And today, when I was finished preparing breakfast, I went into the room and found that his eyes were red. I thought only me was crying in the middle of the night yesterday, could it possible that he also feel the same? I hug him and tell him I'll be okay, tho I know I'm not. I'm having cough for a month now and I can't take any cough syrup. All I can do is watch what I'm taking daily. I don't drink ice, I don't take any melons even it is good for my baby, I'm avoiding spicy food as it makes my throat hurt even more. I'm taking Strepsil every now and then when I can't hold it. It was bad. My eyes tears, when I laid down it was hard for me to catch a breath. I need to breath through mouth instead of nose. I need to have tissue paper wherever I go so that its easy for me to throw anything out.

However, my lychee puddings turn out very well. It was creamy, sweet and full of flavor. He was enjoying his food very much as it kinda bring back the memories of his late mother, when mak cooked Ayam Ungkep for him. As his late mother would cook that dishes before when he went home.

I hope everything will be fine soon. How I wish there's a cure for my cough.