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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Posted by kaki ayam a.k.a. ceker at 4/03/2011 02:36:00 PM
2 weeks left before i ended my practical teaching with 'flying colours' ---->according to my wishlist. Ok, all in all, after all the hardwork, times, moneyssssssssss (means a lot of it!) and tears, think i should go on a holiday. Short vacation will do. Well, i was thinking in Malaysia. Of course! I want a bitch beach. I've already viewed few places on the internet and through my friends. And the list goes...

1. Pulau Pangkor

3 hours drive from Penang, costs around MYR 100/person for a trip included bus, van in the island and hotel for 2 days 1 night. Activity such as trekking, snorkelling, scuba-diving and wind-surfing. Wind-surfing sounds nice. No more banana boat time! Dekat dengan Penang lagipun.

2. Pulau Langkawi

Costs : RM150++/person
I've already been here twice, and it always beautiful as the first time i saw it. Langkawi Boutique Resort at Pantai Cenang located 15 minutes from the airport. No planes! Am gonna take bus if Langkawi is the last result. But the ferry rate is quite expensive now. When i went there during 2007, it was around RM15 if i'm not mistaken. Now it costs almost RM26 per person. Correct me if i'm wrong. If then, RM26 x 5(siblings) plus Mak and Abah. Huuu...belum sampai sana dah bengkrap.

3. Pulau Sipadan

Costs : RM 300+/person
My teacher went there and he told me that 'It is way tooooo beautiful!'. The water is crystal clear and one of the most beautiful beach in the world is there. If i'm going to take this island, i have to book ticket really early so that i'll get cheap price!

4. Pulau Pinang

Costs : RM 60/person
Not included hotels and food and the not-so-metered-cab
Oh, please.

5. Pulau Tioman

Costs : RM245/person
3 days 2 nights, meals, island hopping and activities well included. Worth the price, worth the beauty. My friends said that it is not a place for shopping (unlike Langkawi) but if u wanna get a peace of mind, it would be such a perfect paradise.

6. Pulau Redang

Costs : RM150+/person
Syukri been invited me since like years! Terengganu is his hometown after all and he doesn't mid to take me there. How handsome nice, isn't he? Haha. There a few options for independent traveler like me. More resorts located around the sandy beaches. Perfect. And as i going through the website, i found this!

Makes my heart jumping, jumping! I really wanna have a vacay!!!