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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

complicated person am i

Posted by kaki ayam a.k.a. ceker at 7/12/2011 07:36:00 PM

'oh, saya suka minum kopi...'
'well, i drink coffee too. tapi yang dah ditapis dan anti-oksidan'

God knows where this alien comes from. By the time my housemate cook Sambal Ikan Bilis and Petai for lunch and I choose to have instant mee instead of eating rice, I thought I'm the most fussy eater ever. Since I don't eat petai at all, and that I hate sambal ikan bilis that is not red enough, with the finger-size anchovy and strange taste of sambal, I'm quite choosy when it comes to food.

However, this i-am-so-handsome-and-rich-guy-ever 22 year old boy is much more complicated ( if I could say that) than I am. When I'd say 'I belasah kopi kampung jek' and the thing that he comes up with another type of coffee whatsoever, on second thought, I'm not that fussy at all. And the best part of all, this boy, that thinks that I am 20, start lecturing me on the good and bad of taking coffee. Which I find annoyed. To hell with you. Cursing him might not be the best, but if you know a stranger and he start giving you advice on what you already mastered, this is what he'll get.

Part of that, I'm enjoying my not-so-new book that i bought ancient years ago from Zatil. At first sight it's not that enjoying at all (well, I always enjoy on what I read) but as I go through the book, it is more interesting than the first and second chapter. Starts from Nineteen Minutes and Perfect Match, hunting for My Sister's Keeper. Now am start collecting Jodi Picoult's, new hobby that I find I need to, since I'm frequently speaks, so reading is like the least I could so that my English is not berkarat.