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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saya dan barang perempuan

Posted by kaki ayam a.k.a. ceker at 7/31/2011 11:15:00 AM
haa....bercakap pasal bersolek

I'm not the one who's gonna sit up in front of the mirror hours before going out. It's done with my pelembap and bedak tabur (J&J). But in my opinion, I think girls should have this item in their handbag...in case they jump out from going to pasar malam up to dining in 5 star restaurant. This is something that a must-have item since I frequently hanging around with my friends and family.

Compact powder!! Must have if you have oily combination skin. Use the special one for our skin type. My tips is, when they say 'oil control', sometimes it only makes our skin more oily. So, choose the right one. My friends use Miyami compact powder, you can get it from Cosway. It's not oily, stays longer and looks well. Should have this in my handbag.

Matte Berry from Elianto. Also a must-have item in my handbag. The color is nice. I use No.5, it's dark and I love it! It do looks natural, and with a little application, you'll see how it makes your day (cewah). Makes my lip soft and smooth, and feel moist. I have 2 color, no 2 and no 5. No 2 is quite bright, bright pink. This 2 stuff is quite important for me to carry it everywhere other than perfume. Others down here is just something that I would use it sometimes.

Liquid eyeliner by Elianto. Simple applicator, easy to apply.

Tutorial. For the first time user of liquid eyeliner, you might want to give it a few times trial before you can use it correctly. But this one stays on longer, and easy to remove. So I do bring it out sometimes. I love how classic my eye will look with it. If you're an expert, your eyes will look bigger and beautiful, but if you're beginner, you might just get your eyes look imbalance like one big and the other one small like mine.

Silkygirl Quod eyeshadow...kalau tak silap la itu namanya. This one I only left it in front of my mirror, didn't bring it out since I didn't use it that much. At the back of the case, there's a simple tutorial on how you may apply it on your eyes. When I wear it? When I went out dating la. The color mostly dark and gold something. I love smokey eyes because I think it is so sexy. And that I'm not brave enough to wear pink or purple or green or blue to my eyes.

Elianto One Touch blusher. I loike this one. Simple applicator. Usually I would get first with my foundation, done with that than I'm gonna dab the blusher onto my cheeks, and then I'm gonna put my compact powder after it. It has a spongy thing so it's quite easy. And then take a look at how natural your make up done within a second!

Sometimes, I do go out with my naked face. Lebih-lebih lagi lepas tauliah Palapes dulu. Because wearing something onto my face doesn't seem right.

 Girls can never have too many cosmetics anyway.

Pics credit to Google ;')