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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Of Dulang and Hantaran

Posted by kaki ayam a.k.a. ceker at 11/03/2011 08:02:00 PM
Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

So, a few dicussion going on between me and me love the day we're out for a date. And the results really forced me to find a steady job so that i'll get monthly income. Its not that hard, really. But the situation really tough for me to find a job. But no worry. Ain't no mountn' high enough~ain't no river low enough! We've been goin on a few topics about marriage. Back home, I was doing ma'own research regarding the Hantaran and Dulang. Here's some idea from my pov

This one doesn't costs much. If I bake the cake myself, which would be either chocolate/butter/vanilla plain cuppies for 12 pieces, it will costs around RM10. But if I put some effort on it such as the fondant and royal icing, total costs would be RM20+. Save enough.

Apple Dip in Chocolate
Apple chocolate. It is soooo super easy. I'll make this myself for the second Dulang. I was thinking to mix it with strawberry, and some apple dip in white milk chocolate. I'll deco it so that it'll look like a bride ;)

Kain pelikat or sarong. Price started from RM 10 - RM 50 per pieces. I heard the most popular brand is Gajah Duduk. Mangga? I just heard about that brand past few years. Kain Pelikat...basically you can fold it in the shape of fan and put some flowers on top. Or just fold it like usual...then, present it like that. Hahah

More to apple dip in chocolate. But this one is actually cake. It's not a lollipop. You can basically buy pound chocolate cake and mix with some butter, peanut butter and cooking chocolate. Use Rocky biscuit as the sticks.

Bahulu. I love the idea of being traditional in a modern culture. My friend gave this on her engagement day. She gave in the shape of fish, it's big and there's only 2 pieces.

Telekung. And sejadah. It always come with pair. Some also give Koran. I think this is a must. Not because you're Muslim and that you need to give it to show that you're....Muslim. But in a way that when you're reading it by the time you're engage, or already married, you may practice what's inside and your life will be blessed insyaAllah.

Gadgets. It became popular now. iPad, camera and even handphone. I remember my cousin receive a scanner years ago. It's kinda expensive ya know. But it's on us, actually. Some of my friends give gadget as their engagement gift. In my opinion, if you didn't give any Dulang during your marriage, then it's okay if you give something like this during your engagement kenduri. Then, if you're rich enough, giving this during your engagement and another gadget during your marriage, that shouldn't be any problem eh.

And other Dulang Hantaran such as cloths, perfumes, shoes, bag or handbag, wallet and purse, watches, cakes and such. It depends on everyone. But I think, if it is for engagement, why don't something simple? Of course there's a tradition that give almost 25 Dulang (that would be mean 25 things to give). Whooaa...botak kepala aku.

Telah diriwayatkan oleh Anas bin Malik ra. Ia berkata, Rasulullah SAW ditanya orang tentang hari jumaat. Maka baginda menjawab: "Hari jumaat adalah hari silaturrahim dan pernikahan. Kemudian sahabat bertanya lagi: Mengapa demikian ya baginda? Rasulullah SAW menjawab: Kerana para anbiya’ pada masa lalu melaksanakan pernikahan pada hari tersebut.