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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Talked a lot about ME

Posted by kaki ayam a.k.a. ceker at 5/19/2011 11:10:00 PM
And it's bored! Hahahah i know...i know. But i don't write to please, i'm just write because my heart said so, and so that i don't forget things easily. Right now, it is my boooooooring time. Few interviews and job offering has been declined. Too far, moneyssss...bla bla bla. The best way to undue this masa senggang is blogging!

I don't active much in Facebook. Once in a while because i need to know any updates regarding my course, posting form, convo and Navy's friends. But when i do online and checking my friends page, they said i'm a stalker! So...yah, that should be a reason i start to slowly...deactivating it (non-literal).

Now, instead of looking for a job, i prefer doing chores with my mum. Not fun? Well, at least i got to know when should i pour rice while doing fried rice...how much salt should i put on kobis goreng. Why i need to stirred the kuah gulai lemak and not put on big fire...fuh~ i never thought cooking would be so stressful! (Thay's why i loved making dessert, it's easy and the outcome always sweet enough for me. Never salty nor too spicy).


Yup. When i'm working, the story lingers around my job so it's bored. I don't think i'm going to working in the field all my lifetime. I don't planned to work as a....well, educators. I'm chasing something that i can do whole-heartedly. Maybe after the working contract is over.

Life's sweet, and it's short too. So why bother doing something we don't like just for the sake of money?