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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hurry Juddies

Posted by kaki ayam a.k.a. ceker at 10/11/2011 10:21:00 AM

I'm free!!! Now that I don't work anymore, officially yesterday is my last day working, so I've been enjoying my free time online and cooking and watching telly (few things that I missed the most because been very busy working).

Recently my friends from the company were celebrating my birthday. Thank you soooo much guys. Eventhough it was a simple celebration, but still I love it very much. It is also part of the Jamuan Perpisahan. Unfortunately (so many unfortunate events lately) the boss (the one who's asking us to bring bla bla bla) unable to come since he's with his family at Malacca, we're taking the pleasure ourselves.

Azite brought fried mee and some tempura nuggets, Asyraf bring friend fried chicken yang sungguh sungguh sungguh sedap! The fried chicken was one of my fav since every lunch time I used to go to the same kedai to buy nasi bungkus and friend chicken and sambal padang. Nazri, on the other hand, brought simple dishes such as currypuff and nagasari (a traditional kueh with fresh bananas as the filling). And some brings snacks which we've been continue eating the next day (Farah and Ahdwa). Me?

Trifle je. Sebab beberapa hari sebelum tu aku ada bawak trifle 4 bijik dari rumah, tapi Asyraf dapat makan sebekas jek. Lagi 3 bekas Nazri bawak balik. Hukhuk. Masing-masing tak puas so aku bawak lagi dan semua pun bawak balik jugak.

Seperti aku dengan Quraishah dulu, last day ofworking together we must have an ice-cream. It's like a tradition I've been creating to myself. 2 orang ni antara the coolest people I've ever met! Almaklumlah, kedua-duanya muda mudi dengan perangai yang agak gila-gila. Nak tahu betapa gilanya diorang?

Perasan tak model dekat 'Air Batu' tu? Ha, itulah dia! Haha, takde lah. Yang poyo puyu ni Nazri. Agak malu-malu kocheng nak bergambar kunun. Walhal masa duty dengan aku, elok jek amik gamba comel sendiri kat phone dia.

On the picture above, he's counting and checking the usage of the cigarettes and tobacco. FYI, the percentage of tar in every 'Menthol' and 'Light' cigars is lower than the usual cigars (usually in red packet). So if your father/brother/boyfriend/friends do smoke, ask them to change from Dunhill/Winston/Sempoerna Red to Dunhill/Winston/Sempoerna Light or Menthol. At least they may reduce the amount of tar that have been taking.

Wawa. Very happening person and also, the energetic one too. Ada lagi sorang yang energetic jugak. Mamat kat bawah ni.

Masing-masing nak jadik model untuk barangan 'kesihatan'. Ada lagi gambar diorang dengan pose macam-macam (termasuklah barangan macam-macam) tapi kena censored dulu. Miss you guys very the much! Mungkin lain kali kita boleh pergi k-box sama-sama untuk test suara, tapi tunggu u'all gaji dulu la haha.

Teruskan bermodel...

Kisah gembira dah tamat satu bab. Lepas ni bukak bab lain pulak (n_n)